IFTBOH Affiliations

IFTBOH Affiliations

We know that we cannot operate in a vacuum and be successful all by ourselves. As a result, we aim to work with many other organizations to implement our findings and share research resources as well as publicity. We will evaluate how much social media can help us.


  • IFTBOH.ORG will join the relevant NGOs and committees when appropriate.
  • We constantly evaluate how much and what we can contribute to other organizations that have similar goals.


  • IFTBOH works in partnership with SecureTheVillage, a community-based response to the cybersecurity and privacy crisis.
  • IFTBOH is working with and contributing to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).
  • We are working with the Chaos Computer Club. Despite its name it is not chaotic, and its members perform ethical hacking and educational events to highlight holes in computer security.
  • We use and submit entries to SNORT, and we encourage you to do the same if you have the skills.
  • SQUID and SQUIDGUARD are two more resources that we both use and contribute to. Here you can find SQUIDGUARD, and we believe that if you have the skills internally, please consider supporting them.
  • We are working with and contributing to MITRE.
  • Similarly, we are working with and contributing to SANS.
  • We are submitting to and point at the SANS Internet Storm Center.
  • Finally, and last but not least, here is the link to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.